Friday, July 24, 2009

Bumper Application for Mitsubishi Lancer/Galant Fortis '08

We've developed this part a while back. Some of you may recognize a portion of the part's design from a bumper application fabricated by another manufacturer. We've seriously tweaked their design for a better look. For those of you who were not impressed with their product's fitment characteristics, fret not. We've taken great pains (the part took at least a week for our boys to rectify it's fitment problems, and much much longer to tool) to ensure that fitment will be flawless! The same goes for the front and rear EVO X replica bumper currently being sold in this region, that we're developing as we speak.

When you send your Lancer to Arashi Aerodynamic, or to any of our distributors for that matter, you will find our product quality and fitment characteristics to be evident. Don't let them make you pay with your arm and your leg for something that will piss you off every morning when you see it in your driveway! Should you already be pissed off, why don't you pop on by and see what we can do to alleviate your grief?

DSE-A Front Bumper

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