Friday, August 29, 2008

Honda Airwave GJ1/2 Applications

Before the new facelift model applications reach us, let's pay tribute to the amazing subcompact Honda built around its Global Small Car Platform. The platform has succeeded in captivating global audiences with the successes of the Fit/Jazz, Fit-Aria/City, and has scored well with the Airwave as well! Well, every subcompact needs to be dolled up, even if it's a 5-door station wagon, so here are our bolt-on applications for the 2005 Honda Airwave!

ARS for Pre MC Airwave - What an Airwave kit should look like! Stylish air-dam feature up front and striking diffuser towards the aft!

H Replica

M Replica

Friday, August 15, 2008

ARS Custom Airwave GJ @ the Duke Affair 2008

Much love to Oliver for his patience and cooperation on this project! This mod is a winner from every angle! Gary's paintwork was impressive!

Custom ARS Airwave GJ

ps: the bumpers are available, sans the widebody fender flares. spoiler is available too.

Honda Accord Euro-R CL7/9 Carbon Fibre Prints!

Just felt the need to share some pictures with you. Recently our showroom cum workshop took some pictures of the Accord Euro-R CL7/9 bodykit parts that we coated in a carbon fibre print. The coat is tinged with gold and thus lends a very authentic and exotic look to the print!

M Replica Grill with CFG-101 Carbon Fibre Print

M Replica Spoiler with CFG-101 Carbon Fibre Print