Friday, April 25, 2008

Latest Application for Fit GE

We're letting this kit go at truly ridiculous prices! Do contact our distributor closest you for more details. If you can't find one, do contact us at and we'll clue you in! Enjoy!

HL Replica

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Civic FD Type-R V-Lip Application

I'm sure those who've installed our Civic FD Type-R bumper kits will appreciate this V-Lip! We feel that it complements the bumper perfectly but we'll let you be the judge.

Civic FD Type-R V-Lip

Honda Fit '08 DBA-GE Replica!

Still fresh from the oven and piping hot! Our replica set consists of front bumper, side skirts, rear skirt and roof spoiler. Guaranteed to please both the weekend car-lover and the avid JDM aftermarket fan!

M Replica - First of many to come!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Honda Fit GD Bumper Applications

And finally, for the last installment in our GD bodykit posts, I present to you, our bumper applications for the Honda Fit GD! We'll be moving on to our applications for the DBA-GE Honda Fit very, very soon!! Bet you didn't know we have them!

As always, keep your eyes glued to this blog!

LS Replica - Extremely well defined features

IN Replica - The ever popular choice!


ARS-6 Kit - Although it looks familiar, we actually crafted this set from thin air with just a photo!

MP Replica

AX Replica

Thursday, April 17, 2008

ARS Brunei

ARS Brunei recently sent us their recent custom vehicle pictures. A beautiful VIP-style Nissan Cefiro, a larger than life Proton Satria, and a Ferrari-styled Hyundai Tuscani! We're all in awe of their obvious talent, and sometimes envious because they get to play with top-of-the-line import vehicles... Well, here's to a more transparent, impartial and nonpartisan import policy in Malaysia's automotive scene (we want to mod those G35s, S2000s and IS350s too...). While we wait for an overhaul in automotive import legislation (fingers crossed), here's why ARS is taking names and kicking ass in Brunei!

Gorgeous VIP-style Nissan Cefiro

Not your standard Proton Satria

Hyundai Tuscani with a split F360 personality

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Honda Fit GD Post MC Skirt applications

Sorry about the hiatus. Here are the Post MC Skirt applications in their full splendour!

M Replica - MY06
Not entirely too popular though the look it creates is quite rugged.
Perhaps the style is too often repeated (to their detriment)

KS Replica

MDL Replica

M Replica - The ever popular classic

Stay put for updates on Bumper and Spoiler Applications!