Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Vented Bonnet and Extras

Went through our pictures the other day and found this gorgeous vented bonnet application for the post-facelift Toyota Wish! The first picture portrays an additional front lip attached to the 2.0 Aerosport bumper. Coated in matte black, it truly adds a lot of class to an already beautiful setup! All bodykit parts can be bolted-on for the post-facelift Wish.

ML Replica Lip, Replica Aerosport Bumper and Widebody Conversion, LX Replica Front Grill, VL Replica Eyelids and our ARS Vented Bonnet

Another View portraying our Bonnet Application

Monday, December 15, 2008

Nissan Skyline G35 Application

Recently, we have gotten our hands on a front lip application for the Nissan Skyline. We're looking forward to getting our hands on applications for the Skyline R35 so do visit our blog in the future!

G35 Lip Application

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Honda Accord CP3 Application

Honda's new Accord, dubbed 'Inspire' in Japan, has seen brisk sales. With a revolutionary new styling concept, Honda has raised the bar once again and in our humble opinion, has trounced Toyota in the luxury sedan category by outshining, and definitely out-selling, the latest Camry and Altis! It's tough to go anywhere these days without seeing the distinctive beamer tail lights. We have recently replicated an application for the CP3. More to come as soon as we get our hands on them.

MDL Replica

We would like to apologize for not posting our applications recently. Hopefully we'll be able to make up for this in the coming weeks.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nissan 350Z Applications

When we talk about contemporary front engine rear-wheel-drive sport cars, one model stands out in particular, the Nissan 350Z!

Built on the same front midship platform as the G35, the Nissan 350Z continues to thrill automotive enthusiaists around the world! After a plethora of factory editions and Nismo editions as well, and after accumulating a whole bunch of awards like Top Gear's Car of the Year 2004 and TopSpeed's Performance Car of the Year 2007, the 350Z replaced the Skyline GT-R for the Super Gt's GT 500 class for Nissan's factory and customer teams.

Sporting a 3.5l V6 engine, the 350Z revs easily and accumulates a lot of power while making fuel consumption bearable! A performance car definitely requires some hot exterior styling as a complement, so do check out our applications!

NM Replica

BX Replica

NM Replica Spoiler

VS1 Replica Spoiler

VS3 Replica Spoiler

Friday, October 17, 2008

Toyota Estima ACR50/55,GSR50/55 Application

Let's start with a little chassis code information for the 2006 Estima. ACR denotes an Estima with a 2.4 litre displacement, and GSR denotes a vehicle with a 3.5 litre engine. The number 50 denotes a two-wheel drive minivan while 55 denotes a vehicle with a four-wheel drivetrain.

While we're on the subject of distinguishing all the chaos surrounding Estima chassis codes, let's also delve on the topic of trim levels. The 3 different packages are X, G and Aeras, with the Aeras package being further broken down into Aeras, Aeras G and Aeras S trims. Vehicle exterior wise, the Aeras packages vary from those of the G and X specs by having different front and rear bumpers, and flashier rims.

Let's face it! You were going to ditch those generic wheels for a set of Estatus or a set of Lehrmeister anyway! And with a set of our replica kits onboard, the G and X trimmed vehicles truly come alive! Made with garages and body shops in mind, the door panels feature backings facilitating effortless installation!

KS Replica

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Honda CRV Applications

We know it's kind of late to be posting these, but we hope you'll forgive us for the two year delay. We've only recently acquired these applications for Honda's 2006 Grand SUV!

M Replica

MDL Replica

Friday, September 5, 2008

More Applications for the Mitsubishi Lancer/Galant Fortis '08

Here are some newer applications for the new Lancer! Readily available at Arashi Aerodynamic, home of ARS Bodykits!

HL2 Replica Front Lip and Side Skirts - Front Lip features an Adjustable Diffuser

GT Replica Spoiler

EVO X Style Front Grill Application

EVO X Style License Plate Holder

EVO X Style Rear Diffuser

EVO X Style Spoiler

Friday, August 29, 2008

Honda Airwave GJ1/2 Applications

Before the new facelift model applications reach us, let's pay tribute to the amazing subcompact Honda built around its Global Small Car Platform. The platform has succeeded in captivating global audiences with the successes of the Fit/Jazz, Fit-Aria/City, and has scored well with the Airwave as well! Well, every subcompact needs to be dolled up, even if it's a 5-door station wagon, so here are our bolt-on applications for the 2005 Honda Airwave!

ARS for Pre MC Airwave - What an Airwave kit should look like! Stylish air-dam feature up front and striking diffuser towards the aft!

H Replica

M Replica

Friday, August 15, 2008

ARS Custom Airwave GJ @ the Duke Affair 2008

Much love to Oliver for his patience and cooperation on this project! This mod is a winner from every angle! Gary's paintwork was impressive!

Custom ARS Airwave GJ

ps: the bumpers are available, sans the widebody fender flares. spoiler is available too.

Honda Accord Euro-R CL7/9 Carbon Fibre Prints!

Just felt the need to share some pictures with you. Recently our showroom cum workshop took some pictures of the Accord Euro-R CL7/9 bodykit parts that we coated in a carbon fibre print. The coat is tinged with gold and thus lends a very authentic and exotic look to the print!

M Replica Grill with CFG-101 Carbon Fibre Print

M Replica Spoiler with CFG-101 Carbon Fibre Print

Monday, July 28, 2008

More Civic FD Applications

If you are looking for something different from the Type-R look for your FD, why not try the following bumper? With vents built in to counter turbulence in the front wheel well, and to ventilate your brakes, the application is not only aesthetically pleasing, but extremely functional as well!

ARS-M Front Bumper

We've been offering this roof spoiler for a while. Unfortunately, the response has not been entirely too enthusiastic as we did not have a picture of the application. We chanced upon one over the weekend, so now all you FD owners will be able to see for yourself how this roof spoiler accentuates the rear portion of your vehicle!

FD Roof Spoiler

Friday, July 25, 2008

Honda Elysion RR1-4 Application

It's been a while. We know we shouldn't have kept you waiting, but we're here now, and so is our Elysion RR1-4 bodykit application!

MDL Replica

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Why Bodykits? Aerodynamics 101

A bodykit blog is not realizing it's purpose in the universe without providing its readers with some form of insight as to why they should be installing bodykits. To that end, we're going to post an article from our website addressing this matter. It's entitled Aero 101.

Aluminum Wide Bodies, Oversized Spoilers, Ducts, Vents and more Vents, Splitters, Canards and Diffusers. How do they fit into the bigger scheme of things and what do these modifications hope to accomplish? We will address these issues here as best we can. First, a little understanding of the Bernoulli Principle is essential to gain insight into matters regarding aerodynamics. We will attempt to address this very critical fundamental of fluid dynamics in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Bernoulli's Principle works on the premise that faster air travelling along a surface will have a lower static pressure than slower air. With reference to the illustration below, the air flowing along the upper surface is travelling faster than that found at the bottom. The air is forced around the contoured surface, thereby travelling a greater distance within the same amount of time, hence the increased speed. This phenomenon is known as lift and is the basis behind airplane flight.

For vehicles that are grounded however, too much lift creates instability as there is reduced traction between wheels and asphalt that ultimately results in diminished cornering performance. All production cars, except those that hail from racing pedigrees like the Ferrari 430 and the Koenigsegg CCR, are subject to the adverse effects of excess lift.

Car owners that take their vehicle's cornering capabilities to the limits, would be wise to invest in enhancements that will generate downforce. Essentially, downforce is lift reversed. A simple inverted wing shaped spoiler does just that. Wings on an airplane enable them to fly and an inverted wing spoiler on the boot of a vehicle will, if the spoiler is in contact with the clean airflow at the rear of the vehicle, generate downforce imparting improved handling characteristics to the vehicle. If the downforce generated by the spoiler is still insufficient, a simple right-angled piece of metal called a gurney flap, when attached to the trailing edge of the spoiler, can and often will augment the spoiler generated downforce by up to 25%.

Spoiler with trailing white Gurney Flap

Splitters and air dams also seek to provide an element of downforce and added stability to a vehicle. Essentially splitters are spoilers mounted beneath the bumper and they are shaped to reduce the airflow beneath the vehicle by 'splitting' the high-pressure zone from the low-pressure high-speed flow. With lower pressure beneath the chassis of the vehicle comes a suction effect that facilitates the speeding up of air below the vehicle. Less air at greater speeds beneath the chassis translates into less pressure, thereby diminishing the pressure gradient between the upper and lower surfaces of the vehicle, hence the decreased lift. Air dams operate differently from splitters yet utilize the same concept. Air dams are vertical barriers that reduces the size of the opening leading to the bottom of vehicles. Their purpose is generally to block turbulent air and reduce drag underneath the chassis of the vehicle.

Splitter & Air Dam

Canards are airfoils that are mounted on the front of the vehicle. Canards generally produce a limited amount of downforce by virtue of their shape and orientation. By directing the airflow upwards, a slight gain in frontal downforce can be realized. Canards also act to generate strong vortices along the sides which limit the amount of high-pressure air that enters the undercarriage, thereby enhancing the downforce characteristics of the vehicle. Nevertheless, the vortices contribute significantly to drag and thus canards are more suited for tuning aerodynamic characteristics, rather than utilized as an instant downforce fix.

A variety of Canards at the Super GT Series

Diffusers are extremely effective in reducing turbulence and increasing downforce. Rear diffusers work by facilitating the flow of undercarriage air into the wake region. The wake region is essentially a vacuum created when the vehicle displaces air and creates a perpetual low-pressure area directly behind the vehicle, as air does not have sufficient time to rush in to fill the vacuum. This phenomenon is known as flow detachment and contributes to instability. As diffusers slope upwards and for all intents and purposes create a larger aperture for airflow to exit the undercarriage area, the air is slowed down and reintroduced into the wake area more efficiently. Many such enhancements have vertical vanes that further enhance flow.

F430 Rear Diffuser

Lower-pressure air that enters through the front, when aerodynamic enhancements are used, will create a vacuum effect in the undercarriage that will suck in the higher-pressure airflow from the sides. Side skirts are used to reduce airflow entering the undercarriage from the sides thereby increasing downforce, facilitating flow attachment, and reducing turbulence in the undercarriage region.

Celica (ARS-G3) Side Ducts

The primary purpose for having fenders with side ducts is to maximize brake and engine bay cooling. Well designed front undercarriage diffusers will direct the flow to the rear of the front wheel wells. When side ducts are used, flow is enhanced as the ducts direct the exit of hot turbulent air through the sides instead of outwards through the turbulent vortex areas generated by canards. With better flow, engine bay and brake cooling is very much aided resulting in better performance, and a decrease in drag.

There is a trade-off between improved cornering capabilites and additional drag that must be addressed. With downforce comes induced drag, as the resistance the vehicle needs to overcome is increased when downforce is increased. Drag reduces top speed but will allow faster cornering. Racers also witness a tendency for cars to understeer should there be excessive downforce in the rear region of the vehicle. Therefore an optimal balance sought between the two aerodynamic factors is fundamental to faster lap times.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 5

Our final installment for the Toyota Wish! In this post, we will focus on our applications for the post facelift model.

ARS for MC Toyota Wish - Stylish vented front, impressive lines on the sides, and wide diffuser-like design at the rear! Our design bears every hallmark of a Winning Bodykit Design!

Replica Aerosport Bumper Conversion Application

Replica Widebody Fender for Aerosport Application

KS Replica

WL Replica

ML Replica