Friday, June 27, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 5

Our final installment for the Toyota Wish! In this post, we will focus on our applications for the post facelift model.

ARS for MC Toyota Wish - Stylish vented front, impressive lines on the sides, and wide diffuser-like design at the rear! Our design bears every hallmark of a Winning Bodykit Design!

Replica Aerosport Bumper Conversion Application

Replica Widebody Fender for Aerosport Application

KS Replica

WL Replica

ML Replica

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Urgent Counterfeit Bodykit Alert

It has come to our attention that the following automotive workshop in Singapore is still claiming that they are distributing bodykits fabricated by us.

Artistic Bodyworks Pte Ltd
5 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-05 ,
Eunos Technolink , Singapore 415932

We would like to state that we do not distribute our products to Artistic Bodyworks Pte Ltd. Although they fabricate parts utilizing a similar pigment as ours, in no way are their products similar to ours in quality. We would like to urge you, in the strongest terms possible, not to be deceived! On close inspection, the disparity between their product quality and ours is highly apparent. We will not be held liable for any product defects arising from the purchase of their products. Should you have doubts on whether you are purchasing our products or whether you are purchasing counterfeits, please get in touch with us and we will clarify the authenticity of your bodykit parts and the pertinent retailer's integrity.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 4

To further augment our series on the Toyota Wish applications, we've decided to include some roof spoilers that will fit both the pre facelift vehicle, as well as the post facelift vehicle. Take note that the spoilers depicted in this post are far from our complete range of Wish spoilers. For our other applications, do remember to scour our previous posts for other spoiler applications!

KS2 Replica Spoiler

FL Replica Spoiler

AF Replica Spoiler

HS Replica Spoiler

Friday, June 13, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 3

Well, just thought I'd at least finish the series on the pre facelift Toyota Wish before calling it a day, so here goes! Besides the eyelids pictured, every other application in this post will fit the post facelift Toyota Wish as well. For those not in the know, the minor change (or MC, as the Japanese term it, is the process of incorporating new headlamps, taillamps, bumpers, etc. before redesigning chassis, significant body panels affecting vehicle pillars, etc.)occured in September 2005, and the Wish received a new, more angular and distinctive headlamp design. More on the MC Wish at a later date so as always, don't touch that browser address bar!

GS Replica Bonnet Moulding and Eyelids

FL Replica Bonnet Wing and Eyelids

ARS Bonnet Moulding

FL Replica Bonnet Wing

NZ Replica Bonnet Wing

LX Replica Front Grill

VL Replica Bonnet Moulding

SB Replica Woofer Fiberglass Enclosure - pictured with Bird's Eye Maple Print (yes we do woodgrain and carbon fibre prints as well)

Recently, we've perfected a process to produce add-on panels to existing automotive interior panels! It's all very exciting for us but more on that later!

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 2

Our next installment on the pre facelift Toyota Wish!

MWL Replica

KS Replica

KS Replica - Full Front and Rear Bumper Replacement

ML Replica Lip attached beneath a TD Replica Lip

GS Replica Rear Lip

For the following bodykits, do not fret if your Wish is not of the 2.0Z variety! We fabricate the conversion kits that will transform your beloved 1.8X or 2.0G to the 2.0Z version!

LX Replica

The applications pictured above are going to be slightly tougher to name... TD Replica Bumper Kit with SG style Eyelids and XS Conversion Door Panels sporting a VL Replica Roof Spoiler and a VL Replica Boot Moulding - whew

GS Replica Lip and S-X Conversion Door Panels with GS Replica Bonnet Moulding

DLP Replica Lip mounted beneath S-X Replica Lip with XS Conversion Door Panels

NZ Replica Front and Rear 2pc Lips mounted beneath S-X Replica

VL Replica Door Panels

VL Replica Eyelids on the left, NZ Replica Eyelids on the right

OE Replica Foglamp Covers

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 1

Recently we've gotten some complaints regarding our blog. Apparently, some viewers are under the impression that we only fabricate parts for Honda vehicles... Nothing could be further from the truth, so please allow us to dispel this myth! With that having been said, let's do a segment on the popular pre facelift Toyota Wish!

ES Replica

WL Replica

PN Replica

GL Replica

TD Replica