Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Vented Bonnet and Extras

Went through our pictures the other day and found this gorgeous vented bonnet application for the post-facelift Toyota Wish! The first picture portrays an additional front lip attached to the 2.0 Aerosport bumper. Coated in matte black, it truly adds a lot of class to an already beautiful setup! All bodykit parts can be bolted-on for the post-facelift Wish.

ML Replica Lip, Replica Aerosport Bumper and Widebody Conversion, LX Replica Front Grill, VL Replica Eyelids and our ARS Vented Bonnet

Another View portraying our Bonnet Application


pakdi said...

Sgt cantik bonnet... Brpa harga dia

pakdi said...

Lawa la bonnet... Berapa harga dia

ARS said...

Hi Pakdi,

Sila contact kita at atau Terima Kasih!