Friday, June 13, 2008

Toyota Wish ANE/ZNE Applications - Part 3

Well, just thought I'd at least finish the series on the pre facelift Toyota Wish before calling it a day, so here goes! Besides the eyelids pictured, every other application in this post will fit the post facelift Toyota Wish as well. For those not in the know, the minor change (or MC, as the Japanese term it, is the process of incorporating new headlamps, taillamps, bumpers, etc. before redesigning chassis, significant body panels affecting vehicle pillars, etc.)occured in September 2005, and the Wish received a new, more angular and distinctive headlamp design. More on the MC Wish at a later date so as always, don't touch that browser address bar!

GS Replica Bonnet Moulding and Eyelids

FL Replica Bonnet Wing and Eyelids

ARS Bonnet Moulding

FL Replica Bonnet Wing

NZ Replica Bonnet Wing

LX Replica Front Grill

VL Replica Bonnet Moulding

SB Replica Woofer Fiberglass Enclosure - pictured with Bird's Eye Maple Print (yes we do woodgrain and carbon fibre prints as well)

Recently, we've perfected a process to produce add-on panels to existing automotive interior panels! It's all very exciting for us but more on that later!

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