Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mitsubishi Lancer/Galant Fortis '08 DBA-CY4A

Another HL replica! We're really sorry that we have neglected to source for parts for the New Lancer as aggressively as we have done for the New Fit. Let us make it up to you with Rock-Bottom prices for the Lancer EX and GT Replica front and rear skirts! Available at all our distributors, we make the kits better, and sell them cheaper, than the original progenitors of this kit!

HL Replica


marinos said...

hi. how can i order this part?

ARS said...

Please email us for more details. We can be reached at

jinba-ettai said...

hi people i like the rear lip. how much is the shipping with the cost of the piece ti puerto rico and thanx

eighty eight said...

HI Team,

How can I order the rear bottom kit for lancer GT ??
Please let me know how much the cost as well as the shipment to UAE - Abu Dhabi??

Kindly provide me the breakdown to be able to understand??


EIGHTY eight