Thursday, April 17, 2008

ARS Brunei

ARS Brunei recently sent us their recent custom vehicle pictures. A beautiful VIP-style Nissan Cefiro, a larger than life Proton Satria, and a Ferrari-styled Hyundai Tuscani! We're all in awe of their obvious talent, and sometimes envious because they get to play with top-of-the-line import vehicles... Well, here's to a more transparent, impartial and nonpartisan import policy in Malaysia's automotive scene (we want to mod those G35s, S2000s and IS350s too...). While we wait for an overhaul in automotive import legislation (fingers crossed), here's why ARS is taking names and kicking ass in Brunei!

Gorgeous VIP-style Nissan Cefiro

Not your standard Proton Satria

Hyundai Tuscani with a split F360 personality

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